Aim of the Academy

Aim of the Academy


Despite its increasing certainty, the  past ten years has seen climate change slip steadily down the political agenda, The environmental movement over this period has been doing its best to keep what little momentum going however the distinctly climate sceptic post Brexit government here and the outright climate denialist one with Trump makes it unlikely that these governments will do what is needed for the planet.

It is clear that a key factor to stopping climate change will be people spreading the word much more vociferously along a multitude of avenues.

The aim of the workshop is help equip people to do this by:

– Updating people about climate change so that they have the latest scientific understanding of how serious the issue is and can speak confidently on the subject.
Providing arguments to challenge climate change deniers and challenge the media outlets giving them voice;
Finding out about successful climate campaigns from people, some local, who have done it, to help people to decide the most appropriate activity for them.
Sharing and developing ideas on campaigning